2018-04-10 20:57 UTC
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Yet another rlz for those who can’t wait… I’m not part of any team. I used some tricks to make this release as clean as possible, should be OK with most popular player (tested on VLC, Plex & native w10 movie player) If you want good quality release with nice editing, WAIT FOR TERRIBLE HOUSE’S RELEASE!!! (please come back, I miss you guys) Thanks CostcoSubs for the translation. <3 Enjoy

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  • Terrace.House.Boys.x.Girls.next.door.S05E08.Week58.mkv (257.0 MiB)

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Aw yeah, thanks! You rock! ^^
Thanks again for the great work!
saved again! thanks so much!
Did anyone else hit a wall once the download progress got to 78.6%? It was a fast download, then I couldn't get anything after that. Need more seeders maybe?
Yep, looks to be stuck at 78% for me too. I've uploaded a separate torrent with the TV rip (with missing end commentary) for those that can't wait)
Thanks for the upload - Good looking out.

LeDob (uploader)

Is it still stuck? I don’t know why but I was seeding for a while and now I can see peers, contact the tracker but I’m not seeding. I'll have a look and let u know Edit: seems fine now, I had to restart my client for some reason. Sorry about that
@LeDob - It just finished downloading for me. I'll be seeding to help the cause. Thanks for uploading this during TerribleHouse's hiatus. It is greatly appreciated!
Thanks LeDob! All fine and waiting for your next episode release :)
thanks ledob, we thought we'd never see new episodes!
Thanks, LeDob! No problem with the download.